Employer Brand Management

Why not focus on attracting and
retaining the best talents?

Benefit from our employer brand management solutions to
reinforce your brand image as an employer of choice.

With so many competitors and brands in every industry including IT, it is not always easy to reach the best talents. Shrinking labor market and changing demands of new generation force employees to review their approach to recruitment and to design strategies that ensure competitive edge. On the other hand, high turnover rates not only bring considerable costs in recruitment, but also may result in a threat against business continuity.

Under such circumstances, employer brand management solutions have a great potential to strengthen corporate image in the eyes of new talents. Focusing on how your company is perceived by existing and potential employees, employer brand management presents a golden opportunity in getting maximum efficiency from talents.

At Arina Digital, we believe that employees are the most important stakeholders of organizations and that marketing solutions focusing on employer brand make a direct and significant impact on the company’s image and performance. We design special campaigns that will make your company a preferred brand not only for your customers but also for your employees.

Why invest
in employer brand?

When you invest in employer brand management,
you gain medium to long-term advantages
in terms of brand recognition.

employee loyalty

job applications

recruitment costs

Improved workforce

What Do We Offer?

Fushimi İnari Tapınağı

Building strategy

We devise an effective strategy to increase your company’s reputation as an employer of choice.

Abstract Blue Circles / Soyut Mavi Daireler

Career portal design

We design a portal that will connect you to the candidates you are looking for.

Baloncuklar İçinde Şekerler

Online advertising management

We manage your ads with a recruitment focused strategy that will help you to stand out among your competitors.

Career videos

shoot videos that tell career stories of the role models in your company.

Internal practices

In addition to attracting new talents, we also create internal campaigns to reinforce employee loyalty.

Social media management

With businesses competing in the social media to attract new talents, we are here to help you position your business as an employer of choice.

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