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Employer brand management solutions!

Today, businesses are having problems in reaching qualified talents and adapting to the varying nature of labour force. Shrinking labour market and changing demands of the recent generation, employees push companies to review their approach for attracting talents and design strategies that would make them achieve the competitive edge. High turnover rates not only bring considerable costs in recruitment, but also may result in a threat against business continuity. During this transition and transformation phases, employer brand management solutions of companies that would strengthen their image in the eyes of existing and potential employees remain incapable.

Employer brand management, focused on how your company is seen from the perspectives of existing and potential employees, shall take corporate culture, work environment, employee benefits and career opportunities in their agendas and present a golden opportunity in getting maximum efficiency from talents.

At Arina Digital, we believe marketing solutions that include employees, the most important stakeholders of organisations, would make a direct and significant contribution to the company’s performance. We design special campaigns that will make your company a preferred brand not only for your customers but also for your employees.

Should you invest in your
employer brand?

Companies that invest in employer brand are paid
off their investments in the medium and long terms.

If you would like to gain the following achievements, it is time you invest in your brand.

Increase employee

Receive high-quality job

Decrease recruitment

Increase workforce

What Do We Offer?

Building strategy

We take effective marketing steps to increase your brand reputation.

Career portal design

We design a portal that will connect you with the candidates you are looking for.

Online advertising management

We manage your ads through strategies to will enable you to stand out among your competition.

Career videos

We shoot videos that tell career stories of the role models in your company.

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